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Functional Safety in Automotive
13 -14 November 2018 in Stuttgart-Fellbach
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Norms and Standards
  • 2nd Edition ISO 26262 – Status Quo (Management of Functional Safety, Risk Assessment, Hardware)
  • SOTIF – Safety of the intented functionality (Criteria for Assuring Safety of highly/fully automated systems; Connection between ISO 26262 and SOTIF)

Best practice for successful implementations
  • Safety analysis (Software, Environmental Protection, Critical Situation)
  • Processes (concrete implementation of ISO requirements; handling variability; short development cycles; using agile development for safety-related systems)
  • Functional Safety in the context of Model-based Systems Engineering
  • Requirement and responsibility alignment between OEM and Tier
  • Applications in international settings (China, USA, Japan for example)
  • Use cases for Hardware changes
  • Applications in trucks, buses and motorcycles

Functional Safety in fields of innovation
  • Electrification (Definition and Interaction of Electrical and Functional Safety)
  • Connectivity (Safety regarding Over the Air Updates, Car2X Networks, Cloud Connectivity / Integrated Solutions for Safety & Security and Impact of Security on Safety)
  • Autonomous Driving (Appropriate System Architecture (Nominal Performance, Fail Operational) / Availability & Reliability / Human factor in highly automated vehicles / Functional safety, safety of the intended functionality and the interrelationship between the two / Safety Architectures for highly/fully automated systems / Safe Hardware platform)
  • Artificial intelligence (Safety of environmental perception / Safety of vehicle behaviour modelling / Requirements and Safety argumentation / Verification and Validation of AI / Safety assurence of AI)
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Functional Safety in Automotive
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